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Accidents can lead to serious injury, frustration, and a list of things the victim must address. First, the victim must deal with the injury itself. This involves a need to figure out how serious the injury is, whether you need medical care, and whether this injury could have a negative impact on your future.

Next, the legal side. Was someone else responsible for the accident? If so, should they pay for your injuries?

What if the accident is someone else’s fault?

If another party’s negligent or reckless actions contributed to the accident you can likely hold that other individual financially accountable for the injuries. This can include the cost of medical care, lost wages, and additional expenses.

Unfortunately, the system does not always work the way it should. Even if the other individual is truly sorry and wants to help, insurance companies are often involved. These large corporations will likely try to deny your claim or offer a very low amount to settle the matter.

How can I make sure I get the compensation I deserve?

Thankfully, victims have options. You can fight back and get the compensation you deserve. Some may try to do this on their own and navigate the system without the help of a professional. This is not always wise. Some states are particularly difficult to navigate. A recent study dug into where people need lawyers most and found Pennsylvania is on the top ten list for the nation.

If that is not enough to make you think about getting legal counsel, the following may help:

  1. Expert support. As noted above, those who live in Pennsylvania are most likely to benefit from legal expertise when filing their claim.
  2. Experience. Personal injury lawyers have seen these cases and know the right path to compensation. They know when to push and when to negotiate, when to get additional expert testimony and when they have enough evidence to build a strong case.
  3. Evidence. When it comes to evidence, there are often legal elements that a victim must meet to establish their case. An attorney will know what kind of evidence is needed to meet these requirements.
  4. Efficient. An attorney experienced in these types of claims knows how the system works. This means they likely know how to handle opposing counsel, insurance companies, the judge, and all the other matters that can be a hassle for the Average Joe.
  5. Access. The attorney also likely has a set of experts that they regularly refer to for assistance with everything that goes into building a case, from medical diagnosis to the filing of court papers. This access is one that is established through experience and relationship building over years of navigating these types of legal disputes.
  6. Cost. In most cases, those who use an attorney to help navigate a personal injury issue do not pay their attorney. The attorney receives payment if the case is successful. This can often mean that after the case is finalized you end up with more compensation, even after the attorney is paid, then if you had tried to go through it on your own.
  7. Focus. There are certain mistakes that can result in more than just a loss of focus on the case but can also reduce the chances you win. This can include conversations with insurance companies. An attorney can take this off your plate and reduce the risk that the case goes off course.
  8. Up to date. The COVID-19 pandemic reminded us that the system is always evolving. Whether it is the law that directly impacts your case or a change in how to file with the court, an attorney will stay up to date on court and legal expectations and procedures and better ensure your case moves forward appropriately.
  9. Outcome. If an attorney agrees to take on your case, they will push for the best possible outcome because they are invested in your case. They may also help to ensure you consider different variables that were not on your radar. This could include the loss of future earnings or the potential need for additional medical treatment.
  10. Health. Arguably the most important reason is the fact that you can focus on your health.

If you were just injured in a car crash or other accident the last thing you need is additional stress that comes with navigating this claim. By hiring an attorney, you can pass this worry on to your legal team and focus your efforts on getting well.