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Distracted driving is a leading cause of Pennsylvania collisions. Motorists trying to eat on their way to work, intervening in an argument between their children or firing off a text message to a friend can cause crashes that injure others and cause major property damage losses.

Those affected by such crashes may know immediately what the cause of the wreck was and might want to take action to demand compensation and justice. Others will need to seek legal guidance to better clarify why their collision occurred. Either way, they may have to navigate a process that lasts weeks, if not longer, to secure compensation for their losses in a crash caused by a distracted driver.

What typically happens after a distracted driving crash in Pennsylvania?

The police put together a report

The first stage after a crash involves reporting the matter to the police. Occasionally, distracted drivers will be honest about their contributions to collisions. However, motorists should make a point of notifying the responding officer of their suspicions because the other driver likely will not disclose their own mistake. After all, texting while driving is a traffic violation in Pennsylvania, and few people want to admit that they broke the law and either hurt someone or caused massive property damage. Police may need to talk to witnesses, look at camera footage or even secure phone records to verify who was at fault.

The affected party begins a claim

Many times, the insurance coverage available after a car crash will be the first line of defense for the impacted party. They can file a claim for both property damage and injury-related losses. Especially in scenarios where the losses are significant, people may need help handling the insurance claims process and responding to settlement offers. In some cases, personal injury coins may need to go to civil court because the driver who caused the crash had mediocre insurance that cannot fully cover the losses of those affected.

In theory, if people seek legal guidance and take action to assert themselves after a wreck, they can potentially recoup most, if not all, of the financial losses they suffered because someone else drove while distracted.