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The risks on the road are in a constant state of flux. Vehicle trends change over the years, and so do the behaviors of individual drivers. As the culture and economy evolve, the top contributing factors that cause serious collisions also shift.

In recent years, motorists have had to share the roads with an increasing number of company-owned delivery fleet vehicles. Not that long ago, there were only a few national companies delivering goods and packages to people. Now, there are dozens of companies that handle their own delivery services.

Companies bring delivery services in-house to save money, but in doing so, they open themselves up to a certain degree of liability. Employers have to carry commercial insurance policies in case one of their workers causes a crash. They can also face civil liability when the organization is at least partially responsible for such a collision.

Delivery work is risky and demanding

Every delivery driver is in a position to cause thousands of dollars in liability for their employer with a few seemingly small mistakes on the job. Proprietary delivery fleets can lead to complicated insurance claims and also personal injury lawsuits.

There are many ways in which the pressures on delivery drivers might contribute to a crash. They might stay at work until they feel so fatigued that they make bad decisions. They could park their vehicles in unsafe places hoping to make a quick delivery or conduct seemingly erratic and unpredictable maneuvers when they almost miss a driveway or a turn. Bad business practices, ranging from unsafe software used for navigation to high-pressure policies that compromise workers’ safety habits might lead to claims against the company operating the delivery fleet.

Every delivery vehicle is a minor source of crash risk

While being able to order groceries delivered to someone’s home or securing two-day delivery for a new book or movie may be an undeniable benefit for the modern consumer, every driver has to accept slightly elevated risk as a trade-off for that convenience.

Those who have been injured by delivery fleet vehicles may have several options if they hope to pursue justice. Looking into insurance claims and civil lawsuits with the assistance of an experienced legal professional can help those affected by a car crash caused by a delivery vehicle secure appropriate compensation for their losses.