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Car accidents can be extremely dangerous. In fact, thousands of people die each day globally as a result of car accidents.

Additionally, many people survive car accidents, but they may suffer from serious injuries due to the traumatic nature of collision-related impact. These are just five of the most common injuries people suffer from after experiencing a car accident.


Whiplash occurs when the head suddenly shakes back and forth and puts pressure on the spine, neck and shoulder muscles. The strain can cause people to feel pain and stiffness. Some people may feel dizzy and fatigued. People often suffer whiplash in both major and minor accidents, such as a fender-bender or a front-on collision.


Much like whiplash, a concussion can occur when the head suffers a blow or strike and shakes around. However, unlike whiplash, a concussion is caused when the brain shakes around violently. As a result, the victim may develop a headache, dizziness and confusion and/or lose consciousness.

Herniated disc

The spine is made of backbones called vertebrae. Between the vertebrae are cushioning discs that absorb shock and prevent nerves and bone from rubbing together. In a car collision, these discs may burst or shift out of alignment, which may be referred to as a herniated disc. As a result, the victim may feel pain and discomfort. A herniated disc can limit a victim’s ability to move.


The spine also works as an antenna for the brain. Nerves that run through the spine send signals from the brain to the limbs. If these nerves are disrupted, a person may have limited control over their body referred to as paralysis. Paralysis can occur after a car accident. The victim may suffer a spine injury that serves the connection between the brain and limbs. Or they may experience an incomplete injury that allows for a certain degree of recovery.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

People who suffer traumatic events, such as witnessing a death or suffering from a car accident, may experience a psychological condition called post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Many people who suffer from PTSD have flashbacks, nightmares and anxiety attacks. This often can affect how people function at home and in society.

If you’ve been injured after suffering from a car accident, then you could face significant medical bills in order to recover – as fully as possible – from your injuries. To protect yourself and better ensure that you’re compensated for your injuries, you will need to know your legal rights and how to exercise them effectively.