When drivers dedicate their attention to the task at hand, they can respond to risks and keep both themselves and other drivers safe as they travel. Unfortunately, drivers may become distracted behind the wheel, and this can put you in danger. How many drivers on the road are distracted?

Common causes of roadway distractions

Cell phones are a common tool in modern life, and they are also an unfortunately common driver distraction despite laws prohibiting texting behind the wheel in most U.S. states. One national survey conducted by insurance company The Zebra in 2021 indicated that nearly one in four drivers texted while driving, and drivers spend around 10 percent of their driving time distracted by their phone. Distraction from cell phones is also a common contributor to accidents, with around 20 percent of accidents in 2019 involving cell phone use according to Insurance Journal.

Other distractions are also more common than many people may believe. The survey conducted by The Zebra found that more than half of respondents ate while driving. Other behaviors like taking photographs while behind the wheel or applying makeup were also common. Around 3 percent of respondents even admitted to alcohol consumption.

Because these activities take a driver’s focus away from the task of driving — and sometimes take their eyes off the road or their hands off the wheel — they can put others at risk of a serious accident. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury because of a driver’s distraction, you may want to explore your options for compensation.