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After an accident, many people’s first response is to check for injuries. Unfortunately, while you may think your injuries are minor, a doctor’s examination might tell a different story. Some symptoms of severe injuries may not appear immediately, and these hidden injuries may pose an even greater threat to your health if left untreated. What delayed symptoms should you know about?

Issues with memory and concentration

You face stress and variety of challenges people face after an accident. However, memory problems, mental fuzziness and an inability to concentrate may arise in the days and weeks after an accident. These symptoms could be a sign that you experienced a traumatic brain injury.


While you might be tempted to attribute feelings of dizziness to the stress of an accident, this symptom might also indicate something much more serious. Serious injuries like internal bleeding, brain injuries or whiplash can all lead to dizziness or loss of balance.


You might experience minimal pain immediately after an accident, but worsening pain can be a sign that the injuries you experienced were more severe than you thought. Delayed pain can be a symptom of a variety of injuries. Worsening abdominal pain, for example, could be an indication of internal bleeding that may require surgical intervention.


Many people identify injuries based on where they have pain. However, a lack of pain could be the result of a loss of feeling. Numbness can indicate whiplash, head injuries, nerve damage and even damage to the spinal cord itself.

Because a medical professional can help identify these injuries sooner, immediate medical attention can be important for even people who seem uninjured after a crash. Early attention for these hidden injuries can protect your health and create documentation that links them to the accident you experienced.