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Many people may think of a flat tire as a source of frustration, but you might be unaware that tire malfunctions or failure could put you at serious risk. What should you know about the danger of tire malfunctions?

How many people experience harm each year due to tire issues?

Tire issues are a more common concern than many may think. Around 22 percent of Americans in a recent survey had not checked their tire pressure in at least a month, despite manufacturer recommendations. The resulting underinflation, over inflation or driving with worn out tires can all increase the risk of a blowout, leaving drivers unable to properly control their vehicle.

Because of these risks, many people experience harm as a result of tire malfunctions every year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 612 people died in crashes related to tire failure or malfunction in 2019 alone. Thousands more experience injuries as a result of these crashes.

Who might be responsible for tire malfunctions?

Even if you keep your vehicle properly maintained, you might still find yourself at risk due to tire malfunctions. Drivers who do not perform proper maintenance on their vehicle could put you at risk if they lose control of their vehicle as a result. In addition, manufacturer errors could leave tires on your vehicle or on other vehicles unable to maintain a safe tire pressure.

Thankfully, if a tire-related accident does occur, injured people have options that can help them hold negligent drivers or manufacturers responsible.