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Spring rain can bring new growth, but it also brings new risks to people as they drive. How might a rainy day put drivers on Pennsylvania roadways at risk?

Why are rainy days dangerous for drivers?

Rain can create a wide variety of risks on the road. Especially in heavy winds, rain can limit visibility significantly for drivers, and wet pavement can reflect glare in dim or dark conditions. Rain can also make it difficult for tires to properly grip pavement. Heavy rain may also submerge roadways, potentially causing drivers to lose control of their vehicle or stall if they pass through this standing water.

How much can rain increase roadway risk?

Even a light rain can increase the risk of a deadly crash by 27 percent according to one study, and more significant precipitation can create even more significant risks. Heavy rain can increase the risk of a deadly crash by as much as 250 percent.

Because of the increased risk that drivers face on wet pavement or in rainy conditions, an increased number of accidents occur during these conditions. According to the Federal Highway Administration, 70 percent of weather-related crashes happen when pavement is wet, and nearly half occur during rain.

While taking precautions can provide some protection on rainy days, some drivers choose to drive recklessly in these potentially risky conditions. If a driver’s decision to take risks in inclement weather harms you or a loved one, you may want to explore your legal option for holding them responsible and seeking compensation.