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A dog bite is a difficult event, and the added financial strain that injured people experience can create even more stress to the situation. How might this costly injury impact your life?

What costs might a person face after a dog bite?

People may face a variety of different costs to treat a dog bite. They may require antibiotics or medical procedures to clean the wound and prevent infection, and a person may need to undergo rabies vaccinations to prevent severe illness. Thousands of people each year require reconstructive surgery to repair the damage done to their body by the bite.

In addition to the treatment required for physical recovery, a dog bite may also lead to additional challenges. People may need to spend time away from work for their treatment, causing them to lose paychecks when they need them most. Severe bites may lead to disfigurement or permanent disability that changes a person’s life. The stress of experiencing a dog bite can also lead to mental health issues like post-traumatic stress disorder.

Because of the many ways a dog bite can impact their life, costs can add up for injured people. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the average costs involved in a dog bite claim have increased significantly in recent years. The average claim was $50,245 in 2020, a 162 percent increase since 2003. Severe bites could involve even greater costs.

Thankfully, support is available. By exploring their options, injured people and their families can get the financial support they need to address these costs.