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Vehicle accidents involving a heavy truck are much more devastating than regular car crashes. The sheer size and weight of the truck mean that it takes longer for them to come to a complete stop, and that they can hit with much more force than a car can. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania has one of the highest rates of truck-related fatal accidents in the country. Why is this?

The number of yearly truck-related deaths

There were 122 deaths caused by accidents involving heavy trucks in 2020 in Pennsylvania. That number may sound like a lot – but fortunately, the number of yearly fatal truck accidents is decreasing. 2016 saw 162 such deaths, and there have been progressively fewer each year.

Despite this good news, there are still much too many deaths on Pennsylvania roads due to accidents with heavy trucks. In fact, Pennsylvania is in the top five nationwide when it comes to the number of fatal truck accidents. What are some of the factors that make Pennsylvania more deadly than other states?

The most dangerous Pennsylvania roads

One of the possible explanations for Pennsylvania’s high rates of truck accidents is the sheer number of important roads that cross the state. Pennsylvania is an important hub for trucking routes that serve New York, Massachusetts, Ohio, Maryland and other heavily populated states nearby.

A study of the most dangerous roads statewide show that the highest concentration of fatal accidents occur in and around the Philadelphia metro area. Several of the state’s most dangerous roads and highways cross through Philadelphia. Interstate 81 between Harrisburg and Scranton also sees a large number of fatalities each year.

Although trucks fill an essential role in our economy and keep our stores stocked with goods, they often also create dangerous conditions on the road. It’s good to know which roads you should be extra careful on, to increase your chances of being able to avoid a potentially devastating accident.