People injured in a crash often find themselves under a great deal of stress. The emotional strain of an accident coupled with the challenges of recovery, repairing or replacing a damaged vehicle and potential time away from work can have a significant impact on their life. In fact, the National Safety Council estimates that the costs associated with a crash can range from $4,000 to over $1,000,000 depending on the severity of the injuries people experience.

Luckily, holding negligent drivers responsible for their part in the accident can also provide injured people and their families with much-needed financial support. What damages might the court grant injured people after a car accident?

Medical expenses

Recovery after a crash is often an expensive endeavor, and medical care for an injury can easily cost over $15,000. Not only do injured people face immediate medical costs like ambulance fees, they may require long-term care like in-home services, physical therapy or mobility aids for their injuries. Medical expenses can address not only their immediate needs but the likely future cost of treating their injuries.

Lost wages

Taking time away from work can have a significant impact on a person’s income, and they may be eligible for damages to address the wages lost as a result of their injuries. The court may also grant injured people damages for lost earning capacity if their injuries permanently impact their ability to pursue their career.

Pain and suffering

The pain of a person’s injuries and the impact that a crash can have on their mental health may limit their ability to enjoy their life after that accident. The court may award damages as a result of the pain and suffering that they have experienced.

These damages can provide support as injured people work toward recovery after a car accident.