Most people associate technology as the primary reason for distracted driving.

The classic example is the smartphone where drivers look at their text messages instead of the road ahead of them and cause a severe accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the accident rate for distracted driving was over 2,500 in 2018.

However, technology is also a tool to prevent distracted driving, especially as tech companies find new ways to encourage better driving habits.

Ways technology improves your attention on the road

There are at least six new safety features that help drivers stay focus while driving, including:

  • Cellphone blocking – Some drivers silence or turn off their phones while driving. However, there is a new feature called “cellphone blocking,” which essentially blocks all new notifications from your phone. It’s similar to “Do Not Disturb” but even more extensive.
  • Hands-free connectivity – Many vehicles have the ability to connect your phone to your car through Bluetooth, so you can make calls, listen to music or even use your voice to send text messages without your hands leaving the wheel.
  • Lane-departure warning – Another new car feature is a warning system that notifies the driver when they are drifting into another lane. It’s incredibly useful if you are a drowsy driver or driving during the night.
  • Crash avoidance frameworks -Some vehicles now have crash avoidance frameworks that avoid accidents by automatically braking. It’s a smart enough system where if children in the backseat are distracting you, it should stop the vehicle before you hit another bumper.

As technology gets more sophisticated, cars will follow suit. There may even be self-driving cars on the horizon, but until then, keep your eyes on the road and watch out for other distracted drivers to avoid collisions.