Dogs are man’s best friend, and most of us believe that dogs act with the best intentions. All our pups want to do is sleep, eat and play all day. But why do dogs turn to biting in some situations?

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, there are multiple reasons why a dog may act aggressively or react badly. It depends on the situation and the dog’s personality.

Your dog is scared

In most intimidating circumstances, the dog acts based on their instincts. While most pets may run away in fear, some dogs react with an aggressive bite. They only resort to this when they feel threatened and need to protect themselves.

Your pet feels under the weather

Imagine what you are like when you are sick. You probably don’t think straight and want to keep people at bay. And most animals feel the same. They want to be left alone and take time to rest in peace. The dog may bite you as a way to signal they are sick and want to be left alone.

They are playing

One of the most common reasons for a dog bite is nibbling during playtime. They don’t intentionally bite anyone, but they might accidentally bite you during a tug-o-war or wrestling over a toy. Also, it might be overexcitement that causes a bad reaction.

While all these reasons are plausible, it doesn’t necessarily stop a dog from biting you. You must ask permission to play with a stranger’s dog or warn people before they interact with your pet. Otherwise, you might have a claim on your hands.