Some flurries won’t stop most motorcycle enthusiasts from hitting the road, especially in Pennsylvania. However, winter is a brutal season for any driver, including motorcyclists. So how do bikers protect themselves during the colder months?

Four ways to stay safe during your winter ride

Luckily, there are a few simple ways that riders can enjoy their bikes in colder temperatures while protecting themselves:

  • Drive slower – Most motorists know that they need to drastically drop their speeds on icy streets. However, it’s especially true for motorcyclists as bikes tend to go faster and require better traction for balance. It helps if you can take down the
  • Properly maintain your bike – Similar to any vehicle, motorcycles need proper maintenance to perform at their best. If they are not regularly maintained, they may malfunction on the roads and have dire consequences. During these maintenance check-ins, consider checking your tires’ traction to ensure you don’t need snow tires.
  • Do not ride after a snowstorm – Fresh snow and ice usually create a slick sensation on the streets, which is the perfect condition for a motorcycle crash. If you can wait until the roads are plowed, it is a much lower risk for any accidents or slides.
  • Wear the right gear – Most bikers know they need a helmet, but they also need to wear additional gear in the winter months like full-length pants, jackets, gloves and boots. The right outfit prevents road rash in a crash and keeps your body warm.

Motorcyclists do not have to shy away from their hobby if they are comfortable in winter conditions. They just need to practice safe driving and watch out for reckless motorists during the season.