Amazon is always verging on the cutting edge of its industry with new practices, new approaches to distribution and new ways to break into different markets. However, one of their new tactics for automation is causing problems for their warehouse employees.

According to a recent report from TechCrunch, Amazon invested tens of millions in automated machines and robotics for their warehouses. However, the largest cost is actually employee injuries with more than 14,000 serious injuries reported across 2019.

Amazon responded to the report with its statement claiming, “we continue to see improvements in injury prevention and the reduction” through various techniques and programs. However, most of the warehouse workers would disagree.

How do robots cause injuries?

Many of these factories used robotics to hit a certain production quota – which increases throughout the last few years. The automation should help increase production while also protecting workers and reducing their stress

However, there seem to be more problems than benefits as many of these automated devices cause snags in workers’ production and even making their jobs more difficult as employees have to increase the speed of their packing process.

There is also the risk of machinery malfunctioning or exploding, which could cause severe injuries to anyone near the machines, including managers and supervisors.

Amazon itself even reported more injuries in warehouses with robots versus warehouses with only human staff members. It may only get worse as companies like Walmart and Target create their own renditions of Prime Days and prompt Amazon to pick up their pace.

It’s important for warehouse employees to know they have the right to fair compensation for work-related injuries, robot-related or not. They need to seek out proper treatment and medical advice for their health.