Most Pennsylvanian residents know the importance of proper medical care, especially in today’s current climate. However, mistakes happen, and it has detrimental effects on patients.

It is particularly stressful when it comes to medication errors. One wrong dose or pill will have significant health ramifications, so it’s critical to know if you’re on the right prescription. And if you’re not, you need to take the proper steps to address the error quickly.

Signs of improper medication

Medication errors are challenging because there are so many areas where a mistake happened. You could’ve been prescribed the wrong medication for your condition, received the wrong dosage for treatment or even took the wrong medication overall.

Luckily, there are signs to watch out for when it comes to medication errors:

  • Strong symptoms such as nausea, migraines or pain
  • Lack of pain relief for some medications
  • Loss of concentration and motivation
  • Change in personality or general attitude
  • Drowsiness or excessive fatigue
  • Dramatic weight loss or gain
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Body temperature changes

All these can either signal you’re on the right medication with negative side-effects or on the wrong medication entirely. It helps to communicate with your doctor (or another doctor) to ensure your medication isn’t correct for your treatment.

If you determine there was a medical mistake during your treatment process, you may be able to seek a medical malpractice claim in Pennsylvania. Filing a claim helps cover costs for medications, medical testing and lost wages. Just make sure you’re putting your health first.