Many warehouse workers depend greatly on their income to feed their families, maintain a roof over their heads and even fund their true passions outside the workplace. They may even rush the recovery process after an injury to return to work faster.

However, there are significant consequences for rushing the return, especially after a severe injury. You should know the potential effects before you make any decisions about rushing an injury’s recovery.

The unforeseen consequences of returning to work

There tend to be three major reasons why employers and medical professionals ask workers to hold off from toughing out an injury:

  • Worsening the injury – There is a high likelihood that workers could make their injuries worse by returning to work too soon. There is even a chance a minor injury will become a severe one if someone continues to work on the injury. It’s important to let the body fully rest and recover before putting physical tension on it.
  • Complicating any workers’ compensation – Most workers depend on workers’ compensation after a major work accident to cover lost wages and medical treatments. However, if you work on an injury and make it worse, there is a strong possibility any compensation will be denied since the employer’s insurance company could argue it wasn’t a specific work-related injury.

These are only three major reasons, but the most critical aspect to consider is your own health. You never want to put your body at risk for a job, so make sure to seek medical advice about the right treatment process for you and your work-related injuries.