Most warehouses and distribution centers rely heavily on their employees to meet certain goals and quotas each day. And as online shopping grows in popularity, the stakes get higher for most of these workplaces.

It puts many workers in a tough position as they have to work faster, longer and at higher volumes than ever before. It’s the perfect conditions for burnout.

Six signs of burnout among warehouse workers

While burnout is a very common phase in most employees’ careers, it’s important to spot the signs of burnout before it becomes a major issue. Common signs include:

  • Easily distracted throughout the workday
  • Reduction in overall productivity
  • Physical health issues such as headaches, irregular sleep schedules and dietary problems
  • Personality changes around colleagues and management
  • Overcompensate with alcohol, food or drugs to feel better
  • Lack of satisfaction with your position

Whether you show all or a few of these signs, you may struggle with job burnout, and you may need to evaluate the best strategy to resolve these feelings before something critical happens.

How to stop the burn before it spreads

While burnout may be inevitable for some warehouse staff members, it doesn’t mean you cannot treat the symptoms before it becomes overwhelming.

A few strategies include:

  • Working with a supervisor or manager to re-evaluate your expectations or concerns in the workplace.
  • Finding a support system with co-workers or colleagues that understands the physical and emotional stress of your job.
  • Participating in activities that are good for the mind and body such as exercise, journaling, yoga and meditation.
  • Shifting your perception of how to approach your job. You may need to adjust your mindset in order to find happiness within your workplace.

If you still feel contempt towards your job or feel it undermining your health, you may need to reconsider your options.