Falls are incredibly common among seniors, and unfortunately, falls are also incredibly detrimental to seniors’ health. It’s well-known that a fall could leave elderly parents in a vulnerable condition – both physically and mentally.

Luckily, children can provide support for their elderly parents on a physical and emotional level. There are several ways that children may take action and guide their parents back into a healthier condition.

Immediately after the fall

First, there are several steps to take right away to ensure the damage from the fall is minimal, including:

  • Examining them for bruising, cuts, sprains or any broken bones
  • Asking them if they notice any specific injuries or pain
  • Calling 911 if you notice that the parent cannot move or shows serious injuries
  • Moving them slowly if they can move to a new position
  • Placing them in a chair at a slow, easy pace. Stop if the senior express any pain throughout the process

These are all crucial steps if you are present for the fall and can help kick off the recovery process.

Follow up after an incident

There are additional actions you can take if you weren’t present at the scene of the fall:

  • Determine the cause of the fall – It is critical to evaluate how the fall occurred and how you can prevent it in the future. If your parent fell in their home, you could find the tripping hazards and remove them from the home. If it was in a different location, you may need to seek compensation from hazards in a business or public place.
  • Discuss the fall with the doctor – Sometimes, our parents feel embarrassed to admit that they fell or hurt themselves. You need to encourage them to be honest with their physician to ensure they receive the best treatments for their injuries.
  • Have a conversation about their feelings – Finally, open up to your parents and ask them how they are coping with the accident. They may be processing and dealing with a lot of emotions, so just listen and allow them to decide the best steps for their mental health.

Again, children have many actions they can take to help their parents after a fall, but they may need professional guidance if the fall was a result of a personal injury claim. Do not let your parents have to cover their costs.