Five ways to deter distracting driving

by | Nov 6, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Distractions are a natural part of life. We tend to even distract ourselves from our daily responsibilities or the larger event happening around us. But there are times when distractions aren’t acceptable, specifically while operating a vehicle.

Distractions behind the wheel tend to lead to more accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Assocation, almost 3,000 people died due to distracted driving-related accidents. So how do we deter those accidents? We have to avoid distractions.

Tips to stop distracting driving in its tracks

Most people know they need to avoid distracted driving, but what are practical ways to deter distractions? There are a few simple tips that anyone can implement:

  • Turn your phone on silent – Most drivers want to bring their cellphones on the road in the case of an emergency or for contact. But, you mustn’t let your phone ultimately removing your attention from the road. Turning it on silence allows you to keep it with you but not be distracted by the notifications.
  • Eat before you drive – Most people rely on fast food to get their nutrition on the road, but eating and driving is a huge distraction and often relies on you taking one or both hands off the wheel. To avoid any accidents, it’s better to eat before you hit the road or eat in a parking lot if you cannot wait until the end of your trip.
  • Adjust before you put it in drive – A minor distraction that pops up is adjusting mirrors, chairs or other settings in your car. If you can prepare beforehand with your Bluetooth setting, your chair adjustments, and your mirrors, it will save you time and also any potential problems.
  • Secure pets and children before leaving – If you are driving with additional passengers, such as kids or animals, it is best to make sure they are ready to ride before pulling out the driveway. They can be huge distractions if they aren’t properly settling and prepared for the road.
  • Never multitask behind the wheel – In general, the best tip to deter distractions is to avoid multiple tasking while driving. You should never eat, talk, text, put on makeup or do multiple things when your full attention should be on the road in front of you.

All these tips are simple and easy to practice, but you can’t guarantee that all Pennsylvanian drivers will follow those guidelines. If you end up dealing with a distracted driver in an accident or incident, make sure to gather evidence and photos of the scene.