Many occupations require employees to drive from one site to another. Whether it’s to help with distribution, lend a hand for transporting goods or just to bring you from one job site to another job area, driving can be a necessary part of your job.

However, what happens if you get into a car accident during work hours?

You have options

Most employees do not know that they can pursue workers’ compensation for accident injuries under your employer’s coverage and also in a personal lawsuit against the driver who causes the accident. You aren’t ineligible for workers’ compensation because you were driving for your job. If you look at the risks, any employee who drives for their occupation is just as likely to get into an accident while on the highway.

Some of the common circumstances for eligible motor accidents include:

  • running errands for a boss or employer
  • transporting another employee
  • driving as part of your occupation’s duties
  • traveling for work
  • delivering goods to customers
  • operating construction vehicles

It’s only a small portion of the types of accidents covered under workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania. The important distinction between these crashes and other incidents on the road that you are working or performing work tasks during the time of the accident – it wouldn’t cover a traditional commute.

If you experience a motor vehicle accident while on the job, make sure you follow the same steps as a traditional accident where you take photos, gather witnesses and seek medical attention immediately. Do not wait to file your claims either. It may save you more money in the long run.