Most people blame themselves when they are injured at work. They assume they mishandled equipment incorrectly or took inappropriate actions that eventually caused a risky situation.

However, there are external factors on the warehouse floor that increase the likelihood of work-related injuries. It’s critical for employees to know these factors and how to protect themselves from severe damage.

Falling objects

There are always circumstances where warehouse store multiple packages or objects on high shelves. However, there are rare situations where those boxes fall and hurt employees. No one can control the falling object, but it does create a health hazard for staff members.

Fires and explosions

All employees need to prevent fires by handling flammable chemicals and storing materials properly. However, many warehouse fires start from external factors such as leaking fluids, exposed wires or improper ventilation. The most important note is that employers and staff members react quickly to prevent severe injuries for everyone.

Dangerous substances

Many warehouses store or handle chemicals, and most employees are aware of the safety protocols to protect themselves from those substances. But chemicals could act as an external factor due to the possibility for spills during transport or storing. Any spill could hurt or cause injury to warehouse workers.

Other employees

Most employees do not see their co-workers as potential hazards. However, if one person isn’t following protocol or paying attention, there is a higher risk of injury and potential accidents across the workplace. It’s critical to work with others and help promote safety guidelines whenever possible.

Unfortunately, since these are external factors, it’s harder for employees to prevent work-related injuries. However, workers always have the option to seek compensation in Pennsylvania if their injuries fall under workers’ compensation.