Most mothers-to-be consider every option for their births. They want to ensure that they don’t assume anything and chose the right environment for them and their children. However, there are significant differences between home births and births in hospitals.

Births at home

Home births encapsulate any births that do not happen in a hospital, most often in your own home. You will need a midwife, certified nurse or a qualified professional to guide you through the birthing process. However, it’s usually an excellent option for women who want to control the conditions surrounding their bodies and birth, including:

  • Delivering in the comforts of your home
  • No restrictions of the family or friends present
  • Availability to natural birth without intervention
  • Low risk to bacteria or virus exposure
  • Resting with your child after the birth
  • Reduced costs

However, these benefits cannot be experienced by many women who experience high-risk pregnancies or other external circumstances. You also claim more responsibility if a mistake or issue pops up during the delivery.

Births in the hospital

Most mothers feel safer giving birth in a hospital in the case of a medical emergency or dire situation. However, some people feel intimidated by the hospital setting due to the sterile surroundings and the impersonal staff members. The largest benefits include:

  • Consistent monitoring for the mother and child throughout the process
  • Births in hospitals are typically covered by insurance
  • Pain medication available to anyone who desires it
  • Availability to bring your midwife or nurse to the facility
  • Assistance from doctors and nurses on-staff
  • Possible natural birth depending on the mother’s conditions

These benefits can be outweighed by the costs if you consider the high rates of C-sections, medical mistakes and unnecessary protocols for pregnant women.

The decision depends solely on your preferences and what works best for your family. If you decide to follow a hospital path, make sure to track what is happening and stay included on additional information throughout the birth.