Learning a new skill is exciting for most adults. You have the opportunity to jump headfirst into a new hobby and possibly gain a lifelong passion, but there may be risks with specific activities. For example, riding motorcycles.

Motorcycles are fun and a great activity for solo riders. However, they can be extremely dangerous if mishandled. That’s why it’s crucial for new motorcyclists to take lessons before they hit the road. But what should they expect?

Return to the classroom

Like drivers’ education courses, most motorcycle courses start in the classroom where you receive a handbook or manual guide about the basics of riding. Also, you take on a new perspective of the road as you learn different road signs, motorcycle-specific signals and the general functions of a bike. Similar to other driving courses, instructors use videos, activities and lectures to explain responsible habits for motorcyclists and everything beginners need to know to pass future exams.

Hands-on experience

Along with the classroom component, riders learn to ride motorcycles in practice range. It allows motorcyclists to learn in a controlled environment where they can learn skills, such as:

  • Acceleration
  • Changing lanes
  • Cornering
  • Maintain speeds
  • Navigating obstacles and hazards
  • Braking
  • Stopping distances
  • Swerving
  • U-turns

Most instructor will give feedback and try to guide new riders through hands-on experience. However, it is up to the new riders to take in the information and also gather the right equipment (like gloves, pants, boots, etc.)

Test preparation

These courses are specifically designed to prepare riders for motorcycle driving exams, so you should expect a lot of the same skills and lessons to appear during the examination. Unfortunately, a license is not guaranteed, so more preparation will ensure you get to ride sooner rather than later.

Lessons and courses are not required, but they are incredibly helpful for new riders to learn the ropes while staying safe. Ask friends or community members about their experiences if you’re interested in taking a lesson in your city.