Specific risks for delivery drivers

by | May 7, 2020 | Workers' Compensation, Workplace Accidents, Workplace Injuries |

Recently, delivery drivers have become critical due to their ability to deliver groceries, household commodities and other necessary goods to people and stores alike. However, with more delivery drivers on the road, it’s important to point out the potential risks that come with the position.

Most drivers perform multiple duties instead of just driving. They load trucks, move packages, operate forklifts and even help unload at their final destination. Between all these duties, their risk of injury grows.


As drivers load or unload packages from their vehicles, there is the potential for risk for improper lifting techniques. The wrong move may lead to back or spinal injuries, repetitive stress injuries or even knee issues depending on the person. Sometimes, even the right techniques lead to a significant problem for drivers.


Similar to lifting, drivers may operate forklifts or other equipment during the loading process. The problem with specialized equipment is there is more significant room for operator errors, especially as workers multitask multiple loads. Drivers may even experience falling products due to improper equipment.


Along with loading, there is a high risk for delivery drivers to get into an accident while in transit to their delivery spot. Whether they are in a considerable semi-truck or a small van, there is a high likelihood that passenger vehicles may cause issues for the delivery drivers, including severe injuries.

It’s significant for delivery drivers to stand up for themselves and protect themselves from injuries on the job. If you do find yourself at risk, discuss safety protocols with a supervisor or learn about your options after an accident through Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation program.