5 tips for avoiding blind-turn motorcycle accidents

by | May 7, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Every motorcyclist wants to avoid accidents whenever possible. Yet accidents occur commonly on turns, especially blind turns and downhill turns.

Recently, a serious motorcycle accident occurred in nearby Jefferson County, Pennsylvania. According to the report, four motorcyclists were injured, three of them quite seriously, from a crash that resulted from one of the motorcyclists navigating a turn. With the extreme danger involved, it is critical to navigate blind turns with skill and care.

How to stay safe on those blind turns

New motorcyclists can improve safety by learning a few important techniques for blind turns, and experienced riders can always benefit from a refresher. Following these safety steps, derived from a post on motorcycle.com, can help you avoid accidents:

  1. Wide left turns are easier than wide right turns: In general, the benefit of wide left turns is that you can see further into the turn than you can when taking wide right turns. However, wide left turns are still dangerous, especially when a big rig or other large vehicle is approaching. Larger vehicles must turn more tightly when they are turning right, so their trailers can come into the other lane.
  2. Look as far ahead into the turn as you can: This is critical to avoiding motorcycle accidents. Looking into the turn will help you spot oncoming vehicles, debris and other dangers, while also helping you keep the bike on a good line for the turn.
  3. Keep an eye out for larger vehicles: Especially when taking a wide left turn, larger oncoming vehicles could be partially in your lane. But for every type of turn, it is critical to be aware of the dangers and keep an eye out for large vehicles that could cause an accident.
  4. Navigate as fluidly as possible: Make sure you are not darting left and right or changing speeds rapidly. Fluid driving prevents accidents and saves lives.
  5. Slow down: This might be the key safety tip for navigating blind downhill turns. Keeping your speed down allows you to get a better view of the road ahead and prevents slipping in wet conditions.

Although there are never any guarantees for preventing motorcycle accidents, following these steps will greatly minimize the chances of getting into a serious motorcycle accident.

If you have been hurt in an accident, get medical attention immediately and talk with a legal professional who can help you assess your situation and determine whether you have a claim.