Most warehouse employees are fully aware of the physical demand of their job, and they may even feel the physical demands on their bodies. Unfortunately, most of the demand affects the lower body, including the knees.

There is a chance where retired or experienced warehouse employees decide to replace their knees due to an old injury. It begs the question of how do these knee injuries happen?

Top causes for knee pain

Knee problems are widespread across adults, but there are circumstances where our job contributes to our knee pain. Some of the most common reasons for knee injuries in the warehouse include:

  • Lifting – Most warehouse employees must lift boxes or equipment to move it to different areas of the facility. And many workers start to put a strain on their knees from improper form, especially after years of working.
  • Falling – Along with lifting injuries, many employees experience slips and falls on the slick warehouse floors. If you land at the right angle, it’s very likely to hurt your knees and possibly cause permanent damage to the joint.
  • Repetitive movements – A common cause of knee pain does not relate to a specific injury or event. Instead, there is a possibility that your knee pain is a repetitive stress injury, which a cumulation of repetitive movements that results in significant trauma.

While these are the most prevalent causes, there are many ways an employee can hurt their knees in the workplace.

The long-term consequences

Whether it’s one lousy fall or years of improper lifting techniques, workers may suffer severe pain in their knees. They may have to seek expensive medications, physical therapy or even a knee replacement if the damage is significant enough.

It’s crucial that employees know their options for compensation and medical treatment before making any decision. You don’t want to cover the costs or the emotional burdens alone.