Pennsylvania is in the perfect position for a summer road trip with the family. You could travel to New York and see the big city, or you can go up the coast to Maine and visit historical lighthouses.

Either way, you need to make sure to prepare your vehicle for the long hours or days ahead. There are three ways to ensure your car is ready for a great summer vacation.

Check the basics

It’s crucial to properly maintain your vehicle all year round. However, it is especially important to check your car’s functions before you leave for a massive road trip. It includes checking factors such as:

  • Tire pressure
  • Engine fluids
  • The battery
  • The brakes
  • Belts and hoses

Any factor could malfunction, so it’s critical to check beforehand to prevent any major incidents during the drive.

Create an emergency kit

Even if you check every gear in the engine, there is a possibility for a flat tire or an emergency situation. That’s why you need an emergency kit in your vehicle at all times (specifically on a vacation).

Your emergency kit needs a first aid kit, a flashlight, extra batteries, water, car battery booster cables and emergency flares or reflectors. You could also include a basic tool kit and duct tape if you need slight repairs.

Establish a thorough plan beforehand

While you develop your vacation plans, make sure to designate time to plan out your driving routes, where you will stop and the time you have at each destination. A basic plan helps move your trip safely along, and you may even have time to makes a few surprise stops along the way.

These are only three ways to prep the car before a road trip. It’s significant to note that you can’t plan for certain incidents on the road, but make sure you take the right steps to keep you and your family safe.