Many employees know the risks that come with working a warehouse floor. You must be diligent about safety protocols, other staff members’ actions and potential hazards in the workplace. However, there are situations that you can’t anticipate like falls.

Falls are a significant portion of worker injuries across the country. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, one of the most common safety standards that is violated in offices is fall protection.

One wrong step

Even a small misstep on a ladder could have severe effects for employees – especially in a physically-demanding job. Falls could leave to spinal or brain injuries along with hip fractures, broken bones, back injuries and possibly death.

The most common injury after a fall is back, neck and spine injuries because people tend to fall on their backs. These injuries are also incredibly painful and take longer to treat, so victims could be out of work for months or possibly reinjure themselves when they do return to the warehouse.

Take the right step forward

Luckily, companies can implement some protections to prevent severe falls in the workplace. For example, warehouses could:

  • Have supervisors monitor employees as they climb ladders or in unprotected sites
  • Invest in guardrail or safety net systems
  • Guard or cover any holes/openings immediately
  • Make sure to use proper ladders without defects or crocks
  • Ensure the ladder will support the weight
  • Position supports and side rails on a ladder whenever in use

All these methods significantly reduce the risk of workers’ injuries due to falls. However, it does not eliminate it.

If you were injured due to a fall in the workplace, make sure to seek medical attention and follow up on Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation process to cover any medical bills and lost wages.