Imagine you are sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic when the vehicle behind you rams into the back of your car. Then, your car crashes into the person in front of you – creating a chain reaction that results in damage to your car and at least two others.

It is a driver’s worst nightmare.

However, these nightmares come into reality almost every day as multiple-car accidents become more common. And these accidents become more troublesome as you try to determine who is at fault for the incident.

Who is to blame?

There isn’t a strict answer for who is liable in a multi-car crash because every situation will have its unique circumstances. Some judges may conclude that only one person is to blame, while others may determine that multiple drivers are to blame.

Due to the complexity, most courts will need to analyze the entire sequence of events from each driver’s perspective. They may see that one driver initially caused the crash, but the second driver did not leave adequate room for the car in front of them.

Once the court determines who is liable, then you can:

  • Determine whose insurance company will cover the cost of damages to your vehicle
  • Make up the remaining costs for any medical bills or severe injuries

However, it’s critical to note that the more drivers involved in an accident, the more difficult it is to pinpoint blame. In these circumstances, you need to collect all the evidence you can to show who is at fault and why you deserve coverage for any lost expenses.

Consider taking photos, contacting witnesses and identifying all the parties involved before you leave the scene of the incident. Then, seek any medical attention if necessary.