A recent investigation found Amazon warehouse employees are experiencing severe injuries, especially in the Fresno fulfillment center in California. The Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration estimates over 300 work-related injuries at one warehouse – almost triple the national warehouse industry standards.

According to Lake County Record-Bee, the Fresno center ranks 10th among 28 Amazon warehouses in the United States for injuries, which suggests a larger issue among injuries in Amazon warehouses. But why are the rates so high?

Recording Incidents

One reason why the injury rate is so high for Amazon warehouses is due to the recording process in the company’s policy. An Amazon representative told the Bee that they ensure a diligent recording process for any accidents in their warehouses, unlike some of their competitors. Under-reporting in other facilities could be a factor in the high injury rate.

Pressure for Supervisors

Amazon has strict safety protocols for its employees, but it’s up to the supervisors to ensure that the protocols are followed and adhered to daily. Some people suggest the high-pressure environment for Amazon supervisors could lead to more employee injuries on the warehouse floor.

An Amazon employee even said that supervisors are encouraging workers to do anything to meet quotas, regardless of the physical risks.

Fear due to Reporting

In some cases, Amazon employees were afraid to report their injuries to supervisors – no matter how severe the incident. Some employees were afraid because of lost wages, poor healthcare coverage or security of their job after an injury claim. When employees don’t report their injuries, it’s more likely that they will either injure themselves again or experience severe pain later.

A Risky Workplace

Like most other warehouses, Amazon has extremely delicate equipment that could end with an injury or major accident. Between forklifts, pallet jacks and ladders, workers must navigate the workplace with precision and care. There are circumstances where accidents happen, even when workers take all the best precautions.

Amazon employees will need to be hyper-aware of possible injuries, no matter where you are. Make sure to report your injuries to your supervisor and seek medical attention. Your health and future claims may depend on it.