Everyone loves the holiday season. Between the food, quality time with family and the gifts, it really is the happiest time of year for most Pennsylvania residents. However, it’s also a very dangerous season for new drivers.

With the weather conditions and increased traffic, new drivers have to be vigilant while driving to relatives’ homes or festive celebrations. Luckily, there are a few ways to prepare your young driver before they hit the road this winter.

Map out your drive beforehand

Most new drivers aren’t familiar with roads or highways, so it may be challenging for them to know how to get to their friend’s house or which exit to take to get off the highway. The risks only increase when you include slippery streets and increased holiday traffic.

To make it easier for your new driver, have them prepare the route before they leave the house. You can even practice during a slow weekend to make sure your teenager knows exactly where they are going and can drive with confidence.

Include an emergency kit – just in case

No one wants to deal with a roadside emergency, especially with a teenaged driver. However, accidents happen, and it’s critical to be prepared for the worst. Have your child work with you to make an emergency kit for your family’s vehicle.

Include items like a basic first aid kit, a blanket, extra gloves and hats, a cell phone battery and road salt. All these items may help a new driver get out of a sticky situation without any major damage. Also, remind a new driver to always bring their cellphone with them but not to use it while driving.

Know about defensive driving

Most new drivers are focused on themselves while navigating the streets of Pennsylvania. However, teenagers need to know how to be a defensive driver when it comes to holiday traffic. One way they can drive defensively is recognizing aggressive drivers on the road and allow them to pass or go through an intersection before moving on.

Taking time to review these tips with a young driver helps ensure they are confident on the road and everyone’s safety in the car.