Birth is one of the most beautiful and challenging experiences that a mother goes through. You are bringing life into the world and starting a new phase in your future. But unfortunately, the delivery process is more difficult for some mothers.

Some parents have to deal with birth injuries after labor, which means they have to transition into parenthood while combating their child’s injuries at the same time. It makes most mothers consider what causes injuries during delivery?

Causes behind birth injuries

There are multiple reasons why a specific birth is more challenging than others. For example, some common causes of birth injuries include:

  • Large babies – The larger the infant, the more likely it is to cause damage during the delivery.
  • Prematurity – Any baby born before 37 weeks is more fragile than a baby carried to full-term. It makes it more likely to see injuries in the process.
  • Prolonged labor – Unfortunately, babies take their time during labor, and if it takes too long, the baby is at risk for more injuries.
  • Abnormal deliveries – Some pregnancies require different methods due to the baby’s health or position, including a breech delivery.
  • Dystocia – There is also the possibility of a difficult birth because of the mother’s pelvis, failure of the cervix to expand or other complications. Any additional stress puts the child at risk.
  • Cephalopelvic disproportion – A condition where the mother’s pelvis cannot deliver the baby vaginally. It usually results in a difficult birth or a c-section, depending on the mother’s status. There significant complications for the baby if a mother tries to give birth despite the risks.

All these causes could happen to any woman or child during birth. It makes it critical for doctors and other healthcare professionals to act quickly and effectively to prevent any significant injuries on the kid.

There are also circumstances where a doctor’s actions caused birth injuries, whether it’s an improper protocol or medical negligence. Some of the most severe effects of medical negligence include permanent brain damage, shoulder dystocia and cerebral palsy.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to determine if your child’s injuries are an issue due to nature or due to negligence.