Employees in warehouses dedicated a significant amount of time each day to ensure the product is moved and distributed to the proper areas across Pennsylvania – even throughout the United States.

However, warehouse workers are still susceptible to distraction like other staff members. But there are more considerable consequences if they allow those distractions to get to them. Lucky, the most common distractions are easily preventable.

Common distractions in a busy warehouse

Everyone gets distracted in the office, but warehouse workers have specific dangers that come with their daily distractions:

  1. Noise – Most typical office environments are relatively quiet, besides the chatty coworkers nearby. However, warehouses have a lot of noise due to machinery, music, coworkers and other reasons. It’s made earplugs essential for any warehouse employee.
  2. Clutter – Warehouses need an easy setup for their employees and leaders, but it’s very common to see debris lying around workspaces. Unfortunately, clutter is distracting and dangerous for most staff, so employers need to help establish an organization system for tools, equipment, etc.
  3. Cellphones – Some companies employ a “no cellphone on the floor” policy to prevent accidents or distractions. But some employees may need access to phones for emergencies. Employers need to find a balance between no distractions and realistic expectations for staff members.
  4. Sophisticated machinery – Warehouses use a lot of heavy equipment to complete tasks, move product and finish work. But that machinery requires training and makes a lot of noise, which is distracting for most other employees. To avoid distractions, operators should avoid conversing with other peers while using the equipment and pay attention to their current tasks.
  5. Excessive fatigue – Workers tend to need breaks to recharge their brains and their bodies throughout the workday. If they don’t take those breaks, extreme fatigue slows down employees and makes them more distracted. Luckily, it’s an easy distraction to solve by offering breaks and allow workers to reenergize through snacks and drinks.

It’s crucial to understand how to prevent distractions (and possibly severe accidents) in Pennsylvania’s warehouses. Employees should not have to worry about their cellphone causing a significant issue for their production nor their health.