Conducting yourself on the road with semi trucks

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Most drivers are intimidated by semi-trucks, for a good reason. They are large and difficult to maneuver across the highways. They tend to loom over most passenger vehicles as they make their way to the next destination.

However, drivers mustn’t be intimidated by truck drivers. Commuters need to understand how to navigate the streets in a way that protects everyone, including cars and semi-trucks.

Five tips to driving safely around semis

There at least five things that every driver needs to do while driving along with semi-trucks:

  1. Be aware of blind spots – Large commercial trucks usually have larger blind spots, which makes accidents far more likely. As the passenger vehicle, you can help by staying out of the truck driver’s major “no-zones.”
  2. Never “cut off” a truck – It’s incredibly dangerous to quickly move in front of a semi-truck because truck drivers need more time to react due to their cargo. If you need to pass a truck, avoid staying in their blind spot and move promptly pass them in the left lane. Make sure to leave enough space between you and the truck.
  3. Expect wide turns – Commercial trucks need adequate space to make any turn, so drivers cannot try to squeeze by or pass them while they are turning. Your best bet is to wait until the truck makes a complete turn before passing. Also, try not to block the turn for a truck’s right turn.
  4. Follow their speed – Truck drivers cannot risk getting a speeding ticket or traffic violation on their record, so they strictly follow the dictated speed limits, which means you need to be wary speeding around them. Avoid getting impatient and calmly pass them.
  5. Pay attention – You should always be paying attention while driving, but it’s incredibly critical to stay alert while sharing the highway with commercial vehicles. Truck drivers have limited ways to communicate with you, so make sure you are aware of their blinkers and horns.

All drivers must do their part to keep the roadways safe. For passenger vehicles, drivers need to maintain safe driving habits while not expecting all the responsibility to fall onto the truck driver’s shoulders.