Most teenagers are dreaming of the day when they get the car keys and drive into the night with their best friends. However, it’s a parent’s job to bring their child back to reality.

Parents may establish specific conditions surrounding their child’s driving. For example, some parents may ask their child to maintain specific grades to use the family car. Luckily, there are a few rules any parent can use to keep their teenage driver safe.

Keep the phone tucked away

Every driver learns that cell phones are a huge distraction on the road; now, laws are in place to keep phones out of drivers’ hands and tucked away from sight. As a parent, you need to reinforce those same values to your teen driver. Establish a rule where your child cannot use their phone or hold their phone while driving. Instead, they can implement a hands-free Bluetooth to make calls or to play music.

No more than two passengers in the car

As teenagers learn to drive, they have a controlled environment. They usually only have their parents or a driving instructor in the vehicle with them. However, when they get their driver’s license, all their friends will ask for rides – which means a hectic environment for your teenager. Limit only two passengers in the first two years of driving to prevent distractions and keep a calm environment for your child.

Maintain a clean car

Another rule to consider is keeping the car clean. Since your teen is using the family vehicle, it is their responsibility to maintain the car including cleaning, oil changes and filling the gas tank. They need to take responsibility for their new role as a driver. And if they expect to drive the car on Saturday nights, they need to return it in its initial condition.

Follow all the rules of the road

The most crucial guideline for teens to follow is to obey traffic laws, including speed limits. They cannot race around and expect no consequences for their actions. As the parent, you can implement additional punishments for breaking the rules, such as take away driving privileges after a speeding ticket.

The right rules will guide your teen driver through several adventures with their friends and allow them the freedom to explore. Unfortunately, it won’t guarantee safe driving from other Pennsylvania residents, so let your teen driver know what steps to take after a car accident.