Neil Armstrong will always be regarded as one of the most influential figures in American history. Unfortunately, his life was cut short after receiving heart surgery in a Cincinnati hospital in 2012. At 82, most people assumed it was his time but not his sons.

The two sons accused the post-surgical treatment at Mercy Health-Fairfield Hospital for his death and eventually filed a medical malpractice suit against the hospital. In late July 2019, the two sons received a $6 million settlement from the Ohio hospital.

The hidden risks of post-surgery treatment

Most patients assume all the worst mistakes happen during surgery. And it’s true in most circumstances. Surgery is usually more dangerous than the treatment afterward. However, it doesn’t mean doctors can ignore their patients immediately after an operation. There are necessary steps for post-operation treatment to ensure the patient’s safety.

First, medical staff assesses the surgery’s results and sees what next steps are necessary for treatment. For example, if a patient needs more surgery, they have to determine a timeline for recovery and then pre-operation care once again.

In other situations, hospitals have to make sure patients recover after successful surgery and avoid risks of infections. It involves following proper protocol, medications, nutrition checks and entering the correct information into a patient’s record.

However, there are situations, like Armstrong’s, where patients make it through surgery and pass away due to medical negligence during post-operation treatment. That’s why it’s crucial to analyze every person connected to a patient’s treatment and find the mistake.

In Pennsylvania, families medical malpractice lawsuit. However, you need the proper evidence and documentation to prove your claims before hitting the courtroom.