The idea of taking a scooter instead of a car on the city streets is appealing. Picking up an electric scooter, getting your errands done and simply dropping it off on the sidewalk sounds much easier than finding parking and navigating traffic.

Electric scooter rentals are the new big thing to make getting around easier—but they aren’t perfect. You should know about the potential risks of e-scooters.

The new public transportation craze may come to our city

A bill in the Pennsylvania house of representatives might make e-scooters a common method of travel in our state. One company called Lime has already piloted a few scooters to convince the legislature of their value.

Lime is just one of the e-scooter companies that has set up shop in over 90 cities across the country. For just a few dollars, you can ride a trendy and environmentally-friendly scooter to wherever you need to go. However, the convenience also brings some danger.

Studies show that inexperienced riders are at risk

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently published their findings on the injury rate of e-scooter users. Some notable findings are that:

  • One in three injuries occur on the rider’s first trip
  • 63% of riders with injuries had used an e-scooter fewer than 10 times
  • Half of the 190 injured riders in the study suffered head injuries—but only one was wearing a helmet

The researchers also warned that the accident rates could be higher than reported—since they only gathered data from emergency rooms. Some injured riders may have just gone to their doctor’s office or not seen a doctor at all.

Having a scooter available when you need to go to the grocery store or post office can be a good alternative to getting a lift from a friend or walking. But if e-scooters do show up in Harrisburg, you need to be careful when riding.