A Pennsylvania woman was killed when a temporary shed fell on top of her. According to U.S. News & World Report, a woman and her male coworker were smoking in the temporary structure, when the wind caught the hut and toppled it over on top of them on Feb. 8.

Tammy Hockenberry died from her injuries, and her coworker remains hospitalized. He is in stable condition with injuries to his legs and ankles.

The pair were smoking outside of Blair Companies Millwork and Fixtures in Altoona. They were both employees. Hockenberry worked in awning fabrication. The Blair Companies said they are devastated by Hockenberry’s loss and described her as friendly and always “willing to help in any way.”

Injured workers have the right to compensation

Pennsylvania workers who are injured on the job can apply for workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits include medical costs, as well as a percentage of your salary.

A worker injured on break may receive workers’ comp

If a worker is injured while on break, he or she may still be eligible for benefits. It depends on the specifics of the incident. If you were injured while off the premises, you likely will not receive workers’ compensation benefits. However, if your injury occurred at your jobsite, you may receive benefits.

In some instances, you can file a third-party injury claim, if someone other than your employer is liable for your injuries. For example, if the negligence of a third party, like a manufacturer or supplier, caused your injury. You will likely want to consult with an attorney to discuss this type of claim.

Family members can receive benefits

If you lost a loved one to a workplace accident, you may also be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. A spouse, children or other dependents can apply for these benefits. Typically, these include burial expenses, as well as a weekly workers’ compensation benefit payment.

You have the right to compensation for your injury, and your employer should provide you what you need to recover.