After an auto accident, your recovery should be your priority. However, if an insurance company denies your claim, this can slow down the process. You have mounting medical bills, and your car needs to be repaired. But without money from the insurance company, you have no idea how to pay for it all.

Here are three reasons an insurance company may deny a claim and how to respond to it.

The other driver is not at fault

An insurance company may deny your claim because they think the other driver is not at fault. The insurer reviewed the police report, and the officer may not state the other driver caused the accident. While the report may say that, the other driver could still be at fault. You just need to prove that.

Photos of the scene and eyewitness statements can help support your case. If you were unable to collect this evidence due to your injury, do not despair. A personal injury attorney can collect evidence and build a case that supports your side of the story.

Your injuries are not that severe

The insurance company may also state your injuries are not as bad as you claim. You need medical evidence to refute this. Your hospital records, x-rays and testimony from your doctor can demonstrate the severity of your injuries. A lawyer can help collect the correct medical information to give to the insurance company.

The accident was due to an “act of God”

Most insurance policies contain some exclusions. One is an “act of God” exclusion, which means if an accident is caused by a natural event, it is not covered. This may include events like hail storms. Even if you were in a hail storm, it may have not caused your accident. An experienced personal injury attorney collects evidence and may be able to prove the other driver, not the hail storm caused your accident.

An insurance company could deny your claim for many reasons. Some could be legitimate, but often, the insurance company is hoping you will give up and not pursue it any further. Do not let an insurance company take advantage of you. When the negligence of another driver causes you serious injury, you deserve compensation for your recovery.