Netflix documentary shed lights on defective medical devices

by | Sep 4, 2018 | Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury |

It’s not exactly binge-watching material, but next time you’re browsing through Netflix, you might come across “The Bleeding Edge.” The recently added documentary dives into the dark side of the medical industry. It explores loopholes companies apparently pass through when gaining FDA approval. Multiple women take the spotlight, sharing horrific stories about defective birth control devices as well as the pain, bleeding and even hysterectomies that resulted.

Be your own health-care advocate

The film emphasizes the importance of being your own health advocate. Before proceeding with a new medical device, take an informed approach by:

  • Asking about any medical trials or studies involving the device
  • Looking online for reviews and objective information
  • Asking how many times your doctor has used that particular device
  • Researching the company that manufactured the device to see whether they have a solid reputation
  • Investigating any recalls

Fighting back when products fail

The medical device industry is made up of multimillion-dollar companies. They have the money, power and resources to protect their profits when things go awry.

Defective hospital devices and other medical devices affect all of us. Every day in the U.S., people suffer from a loss or serious injury due to faulty products. This could be due to insufficient testing, inadequate trials and negligent practices on the side of the manufacturers and distributors.

Avoiding poor practices and poor products is oftentimes outside of the consumer’s control. Those who have experienced injury, or lost a loved one to a defective device or other product, deserve justice. Be sure to explore your legal options when seeking compensation for you and your family.