Distracted driving is an epidemic that affects nearly every American. When drivers are distracted – by talking on their phones, sending text messages, checking email while driving – all other drivers and passengers are affected.

ZenDrive, a San Francisco-based technology company, recently analyzed more than 100 billion miles of driving behavior. Drivers around the United States participated in the study, which analyzed driver behavior using cell phone technology.

The results were sobering. As reported on the ZenDrive website, “distracted driving is far worse than expected.” Some of the findings include:

  • 60 percent of drivers use their cell phones while driving at least once a day
  • The average length of phone use while driving increased from the previous year
  • Most driver phone use occurs during daylight hours – but distracted driving is most dangerous during evening hours
  • Distracted driving became more prevalent in all but on state: Vermont

Where does Pennsylvania rank?

According to ZenDrive, Pennsylvania is the 18th least distracted state in the U.S. The most distracted state (#51) is Mississippi. The least distracted state (#1) is Oregon.

ZenDrive also analyzed specific cities. Two Pennsylvania cities made the “most distracted cities” list:

  • Philadelphia: The 10th most distracted city
  • Pittsburgh: The 18th most distracted city

Pennsylvania drivers have a long way to go. While our state ranked relatively well overall, distracted driving became more prevalent here. And two of Pennsylvania’s cities ranked among the most distracted in the country.

There is no safe approach to distracted driving. Each driver has a responsibility to stay focused while driving. We all share the road – and distracted drivers put all other drivers at risk.