Should you let people move you after a workplace injury?

by | Jan 22, 2016 | Workplace Injuries |

So you’ve suffered a workplace injury, perhaps after a fall, one of the most common ways that workers get hurt. What happens in the immediate aftermath of the injury is incredibly important. If you’re conscious, should you let people move you?

There are some situations where being moved is very important, even if there is a level of risk. These include:

— When imminent danger still exists. — When another person has also been injured in the same accident and their injuries are very serious, but no one can get to them without moving you. — When proper care can’t be given until you are moved. For example, they may need to roll you over to put pressure on a laceration.

However, it can be incredibly dangerous to let people move you if the injury is to your neck or spine. Movement can cause more damage. Injuries that could have been relatively minor could turn into life-long disabilities.

If you do have a back injury and people need to move you before the emergency crew shows up — it’s always best to wait for professionals if possible — you should make sure they keep you on a smooth surface that is level and flat. They should try to lift you as little as possible and instead drag you by grasping your feet and pulling you. If possible, your feet should be raised so that your back can stay level on the ground.

When you suffer serious injuries that bring movement into question, you’re probably going to need extensive medical care, and so you must know what rights you have to compensation in Pennsylvania.

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