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December 2015 Archives

Cellphones can directly cause workplace accidents

Cellphones can be very useful tools in the workplace, but they can also be very dangerous distractions. It is estimated that 3,000,000,000 text messages are sent out each and every day. More and more often, people are using mobile devices so that they can send and receive these messages while they are on the job.

Failure to effectively reduce, address medical errors can lead to litigation, P.1

A recent article in the Philadelphia Inquirer highlighted a topic that should concern all of us: errors in health care. As the article pointed out, progress in reducing the number of medical errors has been painfully slow. Part of the reason for that is that there is a lack of broad consensus as to how measure progress.

Truck driver fatigue and the hours of service rules, P.2

In our last post, we began speaking about the federal hours of service rules and their general purpose. As we noted, compliance with the rules has been a challenge over the years, because federal regulations have only required truckers to keep track of their hours via paper logs. The problem is that paper logs are too easily subject to tampering, allowing non-compliant truckers to get away with unsafe and illegal driving practices.

Truck driver fatigue and the hours of service rules, P.1

Truck driver fatigue is an important issue, or rather problem, when it comes to highway safety. Although most truckers are responsible and don’t take chances behind the wheel, there are some who put both themselves and other motorists at risk by driving without adequate rest.

Study highlights hospital efforts to reduce preventable patient fatalities, readmissions

In our last post, we began speaking about the result of a recently published report concerning hospital mortality and readmission rates in Pennsylvania. As we noted, improvements were seen in many areas between 2009 and 2014 in terms of mortality rates.

Improvement in statewide mortality rates likely due to improved quality of care

Quality of health care is a critically important issue for patients. As consumers of medical services, it is tempting to assume that our lack of ability to effectively shop around for medical care means that health care services are more or less of equal quality wherever you go. That, however, is not true.

Comparative negligence rule and aggressive driving

In our previous post, we spoke a bit about the problem of aggressive driving in general and here in Pennsylvania. One of the issues we mentioned at the end of our last post is that aggressive driving is often not a matter of only one individual losing his or her temper and acting out on the road. In some cases, perhaps many, there is a mutual antagonism involved in aggressive driving accidents.

Looking at the problem of aggressive driving in Pennsylvania

Aggressive driving, we’ve all experienced it at some point. There are many different forms it can take, ranging from uncooperativeness in sharing the road to actively attempting to injure another driver. Whatever form it comes in, aggressive driving can cause a great deal of harm.

Study looks at the way teens think about distracted driving

There are many different reasons auto accidents can occur, and it is impossible to blame the problem of negligence in driving on any one factor. As everybody knows, though, distracted driving caused by cell phone use is a particularly common and problematic problem.

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