Scenario: You have suffered a workplace injury. You carefully fulfill all of the requirements necessary to file a workers’ compensation claim. Now, you feel more secure, believing that you will be compensated for your medical expenses and your lost wages. Then, the unthinkable happens and you receive a notice that your claim has been denied.

Workers’ compensation is one of the most valuable resources today’s Pennsylvania workforce enjoys. Most claims proceed forward with little or no difficulty; however, there is no guarantee that your claim will be approved. Here are some of the reasons your claim may be denied:

— You waited too long in reporting your injury

— Your injury is not related to your work

— Your injury occurred due to a pre-existing condition

— You sought medical treatment outside of the employer’s insurance network

Regardless of the reason for your denial, you should know that you can appeal the decision. This is your right under the law in Pennsylvania and in other states. However, if you do not follow the appeal process correctly, you could still find yourself without proper compensation for your work injuries. While you can certainly attempt to initiate the appeal yourself, you may feel more confident about the process with legal assistance.

Workers’ compensation attorneys understand not only how to initiate a successful appeal, they also understand what is at stake when a denial occurs. The team members of Shollenberger, Januzzi & Wolfe have made a firm commitment to helping injured Pennsylvania workers receive the compensation they are due. You can learn more about our mission within the pages of our firm’s website.