The holiday driving season will begin in earnest in a couple of weeks, when drivers travel for the Thanksgiving holiday. While a number of people will take to airlines for their travel needs, a large majority will take to the road.

For drivers, it has become increasingly common to rent a car for a long trip; especially considering low rental prices and low gas prices. This combination helps consumers save money, so it is an attractive option for holiday travel.

However, renting a car comes with a number of optional costs. One of the most common is insurance. So should you purchase it?

The answer depends on your situation and your taste for risk. If you have your own auto insurance or homeowner’s insurance, chances are that these coverages will follow you if you rent a car. The same could be said for your own personal health care coverage. Essentially, if the rental is for personal use, your personal insurance should be applicable.

From a pure cost perspective, the coverage offered from your homeowner’s insurance likely will exceed the coverage provided by a rental car agency; especially for the price offered. It may not make sense to pay what amounts to an extra 20-25 percent of the rental cost for duplicative coverage that you may not need.

With that said, it is prudent to check with your insurer to make sure that your insurance will be applicable. The preceding is not intended to be legal advice. If you have questions about coverage limitations, an experienced personal injury attorney can help.