The last weeks of summer is not commonly known as a time for riding motorcycles. After all, May is known as motorcycle safety month because it is the first full month with favorable riding weather. But as September gives way to October, many riders in central Pennsylvania want to make as much of the remaining season as they can.

New riders who have recently purchased motorcycles may also feel the same way. However, according to a recent study, these riders may be at substantial risk. According to the Highway Loss Data Institute, new riders are four times more likely to be in an accident within the first 30 days of receiving their license compared to riders who are more experienced. 

For instance, a study completed by the Institute revealed that with motorcycle accident claims filed between 2003 and 2007, 22 percent of them occurred within the first month of a rider receiving their license. Moreover, the claim rate dropped dramatically after the second month, and fell even further after six months.

Even more telling, a majority of the motorcycle accident claims filed involved high powered motorcycles. These bikes had high power to weight ratios and were favored by younger riders, who ostensibly did not have the experience to manage the power of these bikes.

As we approach fall, riders must use reasonable care while on motorcycles, regardless of how powerful the bike may be. Indeed, drivers have to use such care by looking out for motorcyclists; but managing the power of a motorcycle is key in staying safe.