It may go without saying, but drivers must be especially careful in construction zones. While a number of precautions are taken through clear marking of these zones, they still can be confusing and difficult to navigate. Because of this, it is critical that drivers (especially young drivers) pay attention to this blog post so that they can garner some helpful tips.

Take heed to the signs – While you may not be able to read what is on the orange construction signs as you approach, but you may not really need to. Essentially, construction signs are supposed to warn drivers of what is up ahead. As such, when drivers see these signs, they should begin slowing down. 

Maintain a safe distance – Just like you should maintain a safe distance when in normal, free flowing traffic, the same should apply when approaching or passing through a construction zone. After all, a sudden stop could be trouble for a driver who is tailgating.  

Stay off your phone – Creeping along through a construction zone can cause your mind to wander. With that, avoid the temptation to pull out your cell phone to check email, Facebook activity, or to send a few texts while you are stuck in traffic. You would add insult to injury by getting into an accident while on the phone when in a construction zone.

Resist the urge of road rage – It is no secret that the stagnant traffic that occurs in construction zones can drive a person crazy. With that said, you should resist the urge to take your frustrations out other drivers.