The summer driving season is heading towards the final turn. The Labor Day weekend holiday is a few weeks away, but you can imagine that traffic will be heavy on area highways as people try to get one last summer vacation in before school starts.

In a couple of our previous posts, we have highlighted the importance of safety on the highways during holiday weekends. Part of this is because people tend to take more chances during these times, and part of it is because the more traffic on the road, the potential for accidents increases.

With these potential dangers, it is imperative that drivers keep their cars in working order. While many are very responsible, cars may malfunction despite a driver’s best intentions; especially if it is subject to a recall order. 

This may especially be the case with tires. Hercules Tire & Rubber Company has recalled about 90,000 tires based on the potential that the tread could separate and lead to an accident. The recall is based in part by an investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The administration found that the Hercules tire was similar another tire that was recalled last fall. While no injuries or accidents have been reported, adhering to a recall order is a basic responsibility for car manufacturers.

After all, a manufacturer has the knowledge and ability to remedy these issues, while at the same time, a driver would not have the equipment or expertise to correct them.

So if you are in an accident because of an automotive defect, a personal injury attorney can help.