If you are planning your Labor Day holiday weekend road trip, you are not alone. Like the preceding summer holiday weekends, it is expected that millions across America will take to the road for the last holiday weekend of the summer.

With this higher volume of traffic comes the higher possibility of an accident. Whether a crash is caused by drunk driving or distracted driving, the results can be devastating. But even aside from these maladies, road rage accidents cannot be ignored.

 Road rage, which is commonly caused by aggressive driving, is a substantial factor in many car accidents in Pennsylvania. Because of this, it is helpful to understand the factors behind road rage, so that incidents stemming from it may be avoided. This post will review a few of them. 

Environmental factors – The lack of traffic management and enforcement can contribute to road rage. For example, when an intersection becomes overwhelmed and traffic grinds to a halt, drivers’ frustrations can be heightened.

Age – It is commonly known that young drivers tend to drive faster and take more chances than older drivers. Conversely, older drivers are more likely to drive conservatively. Also younger drivers are less likely to have the impulse control that comes with age. The different driving styles could lead to a road rage incident.

Personality traits – Research also suggests that drivers who are involved in road rage incidents tend to be anti-social and hostile, as well as those who are highly competitive.  Those personality traits lend to aggressive behavior.